Custom Inlay Fireplace For Your Home custom inlay is a great way to create custom designs and styles for your home fireplace. This type of design is typically made of any type of wood that you would like, from small pieces of cherry to large pieces of ash wood to pine. You can even have any type of decorative art, such as bird and butterfly designs, etched into the wood, or created with shell or stone through a custom order with an expert in designing, creating and producing inlays.

A custom design can include an image of a bird or butterfly for instance or a landscape or figure – basically, just about anything you want.

You can also get a design created for you. A designer can create a custom inlay for you using their unique skills and creative abilities to make an image that will add character to your fireplace and make your home even more special and unique to you.

Fireplaces have been the centre of rooms for many years, however, many are now no longer in use for burning fuel but they still provide a focal point for your room. They are very popular, and removing a fireplace can make a room seem colder or less friendly, which is why many homeowners keep them. Whether you light your fire, or not, customising your fireplace with a unique inlay is one way to keep your fireplace as an attractive feature and the centre of your room, with attention now being given to the unique, quality inlay that brings elegance to your room.

Create a look that not only brings elegance to the space, but also adds an attractive feature that is sure to please everyone who walks through the door. Contact a specialist who can help you design and enjoy a quality, unique inlay for your fireplace.